Belfry Science Fair Results

  • Belfry School

Congratulations to all the students that worked hard on their Science Fair projects! We are proud of each one of you! First through third places were awarded.

In the third and fourth grade Paisley Kastner won the "New Scientist Award","Magnet Field" by Rylee Harper-Willis placed third, "Stress!" by Dario Miles and "Double Bubble" by Malia Bareiss tied for second place, "Soda Explosion" by Declan Seymour and "Fiz, Fiz Lava Lamp" tied for first place.

In the fifth and sixth grade "Crazy Cream Puffs" by Kyla Phillips placed third, "Cow Watchin" by Logan Herden placed second and "H&O squared" by Boston Ewing placed first.

In the junior high "50-50 Bulls" by Cole Thormahlen placed third, "Bouncy Balls" by Xander Miles placed second, and "Water Surface Tension" by Stan Lytton placed first.

In the high school third placed was tied between "Does Weather Effect Alpacas?" by Lucy Crimm and "Live or Die?" by Kenzie Herden, second place went to "Ideal Replacement Ewes" by Alyssa Thormahlen, and "What Color?" by Whitney Herden placed first!

Great job Belfry students and good luck at the Billings Science Fair!


We would like to thank the science fair judges that graciously donated their day to judge the students' science fair projects. A special thank you to Duane Hergenrider, Gordon Sirrine, Jon Hill, and Ross Brown, you made the science fair a success!