Cross Country Rocks And Runs

Congratulations to the three cross country runners this year! Cassidy Litten, Stran Lytton, and Boston Ewing gave this season their all.

All three runners personally ran their best times in their respective events. They ran hard and ran well at all of their races, but it was their positive spirit and dedication to practicing hard each and every day that gave them the success that each of them deserved. Cassidy was able to achieve a state time and attend the state meet in Helena. She ran a great race and had a blast running it. If you see any of these runners, congratulate them on a season well run!

P.S. It is never too late to start Cross Country! I hope to see a lot of new faces next year. Even if you don't like running, it is a fun sport to spend time with friends and even make new ones! Hope to see more of you next year!